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Meet the Team

I am so proud of my team here at Tried, Tested, and True. In addition to contractors that work on our videos, we have an amazing remote team that takes care of so many important aspects of the site. I’m so proud to employ a team of such dedicated, smart, and passionate women.

Melissa is our social media manager. She makes sure that all our content is shared onto Pinterest and Facebook through beautiful pins. Melissa graduated from Brigham Young University and loves Harry Potter, chocolate milk, summer, and playing volleyball.

She is also our very first employee and has been with us over a year.

Aubrey is one of our excellent copywriters. She researches and writes many of the helpful articles you see on our site. She also helps curate and write our weekly newsletter.

Aubrey graduated from Utah State University and is fluent in Russian. She loves playing outside with her family, smoking meat, raising chickens, writing, and watching Gilmore Girls.

I don’t know anyone else who has been a national champion clogger or that actually likes Raisinettes! Aubrey is such an amazing addition to our team!

Elsa is also one of our copywriters. She is so good at researching and writing valuable content for our readers. She is super driven and has moved the site forward in monumental ways!

Elsa is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University and can speak Italian. She loves eating pizza from Italy, modeling, eating, hiking, and watching The Great British Baking Show. She currently resides in Paris, France.

Jessica is our photo editor. She has been a photographer for many years and specializes in portraits and families. She is extremely talented! You can check out her work here!

Jessica graduated from Utah State University and loves tacos, napping, and watching This is Us. She has lived in the Philippines and can speak fluent Ilonggo (a Filipino dialect).