Erin Condren Planner

Here’s a $10 Gift card for you to spend!

I am obsessed with Erin Condren planners. I’ve ordered my LifePlanner from them every year for 7 years, so I love sharing about them. They have dozens of fully customizable designs, and they come with such cute stickers, extras, and cute things.

Erin Condren planners from a couple of years. I have even more than this!

Watch my Instagram highlight story for a full explanation about what I love about them (you can see everything I’ve got too). I’ve ordered the full LifePlanner, Deluxe Monthly Planner, Macbook folio, markers, elastic bands, customizable face stickers, gift tags, and two lunch totes over the years.

They have wedding planners, teacher planners, home decor stuff, stationary, Christmas cards, and office supplies. The best part is that everything is custom and SO cute.

In 2018 and 2019, I ordered a deluxe monthly planner because I didn’t feel the need to have daily pages to track my days. I had just left my full time job to be a full time mom, so I didn’t really see the need. Plus, it cost less.

For 2020, I am back to the full lovely incredibly LIFEPLANNER because my business (this website) and my full time mothering requires so much planning. I actually opted for the hourly layout for 2020 (they have hourly, vertical, and horizontal options with all LifePlanners!)

I need to be able to schedule my workout, my kid’s preschool, my sponsored posts, blog posts, video shoots, events, tv spots, grocery shopping, and social media posts, which is A LOT.

But I’m grateful for the journey and I’m grateful for a beautiful planner that helps me stay organized, and is pretty to look at.

The worst part is having to only pick one planner and then waiting for it to ship!!

$10 Erin Condren Planner Gift Card

If you use this link, you can get a $10 Erin Condren gift card emailed to you to use on their site! It works on sales, so be sure to snag your favorite product when it gets marked down!

My erin condren order for 2018

You’ll love your new Erin Condren planner when you get it. I even gave two away to a couple of my email subscribers for supporting me!